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The Lytham Coffee Co. Story

Since we matured from fizzy pop loving teenagers we’ve loved coffee. Over the years we migrated from fluffy cappuccinos and lattes to americanos and espressos as our palates started to pick up the distinct flavours of different blends and beans, spending time with select connoisseur coffees along the way…  our passion grew.


This love naturally drove our desire to develop our own coffee, our own blends, our own brand of coffee…  Lytham Coffee Co. was founded in late 2011.


Today we proudly partner with many cafes, restaurants, bars and hotels, all proudly displaying the Lytham Coffee Co. sign and shaking chocolate onto cappuccinos through our windmill stencils. We have many individual fans who buy their Lytham Coffee through this web site, or tweet their order.


Welcome to the world of Lytham Coffee…  come on in, grab a chair, we’ll get the coffee.

Other Stuff

Whilst we are mainly purveyors of our lovely Lytham Coffee we also help our customers with advice on coffee making equipment, domestic and commercial. Just get in touch to talk things through, it's all about delivering great coffee the way you and your customers want it delivered.

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Lytham Coffee Co
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